HomeSlider-LogoLGDo you ever wonder how much influence you really have as a journalist? As a media professional, you have the opportunity to impact the health attitudes and behaviors of your readers and viewers.

The majority of Americans turn to the news media as sources of trustworthy, reliable, credible health information. More than half of the public gets its health information mainly from the media. Research shows that the media can affect the public’s perception of the importance of specific health issues. Media also play a key role in connecting the public, policy makers, and legislators.

NHNA is here to maximize your potential in reaching your communities with health messages. Our stories are reported and written to increase the likelihood that your readers will gain knowledge, change attitudes, and take action.

Use our content to supplement your own reporting or expand our stories with localized coverage. As we grow, so will our coverage. We started with the topics of Breastfeeding and Oral Health. These two areas are critical in disease prevention and impact on overall good health for a lifetime.

Do your part for improving the health of Native communities and make NHNA your source for shared health news in Indian Country.